Dannie-Lu Carr

Founder, The Hypercycle & Reorientations

Dannie-Lu Carr is the founder of The Hypercycle. She has worked for over 20 years as a director, writer, performer, consultant and keynote speaker. She is also one of the top Meisner Technique practitioners in the UK and Europe.

In 2012 she wrote the book Brilliant Assertiveness and in 2016 was a key contributor to Psychologies’ Real Ambition book. 

In 2015 she launched Reorientations in order to raise awareness, further articulate and start the research into Hypercycling and Creative Disorientation, alongside exploring the crucial work that we need to do and responses and tools we need to develop, if we are to avoid destroying our creativity and cultural landscape altogether.




Artist, illustrator & Creative Director

Timba Smits is an award-winning designer, illustrator and visual artist. He is also the Creative Director at TCOLondon - publishers of iconic movie magazine Little White Lies and its culturally relevant sister mag, Huck. 

After attending Dannie's Reorientations talk at Lights Of Soho (October 2015 ), Timba instantly resonated towards the theme of disorientation and creative depression, two real side-effects of The Hypercycle that threatened his career and way-of-life up until recently. Upon meeting, the pair clicked and he got involved, starting with the design of this website and by presenting his story and experiences with The Hypercycle at talks in 2016 and beyond.


Alice kornitzer

European Director, Writer & Critic @AKornitzer

Alice Kornitzer is a European director, writer, workshop facilitator and critic living in London.

Her work is mainly focused on new writing with a particular interest in socio-political themes and the human condition.

Recently, she has turned to public speaking, in part in relation to her stage work, to broaden the possibilities of debate and the re-imagination of current issues.

Being part of The Hypercycle has brought Alice onto a platform through which the language of debate is formulated in a new way, and has allowed for a further push of enthusiasm.