“There’s so much debt after drama school or art school that feels impossible to avoid the hypercycle these days”


“You can’t get funding unless there’s at least one known name attached which means other don’t get the opportunity, even if they are more talented” (in relation to film industry)"


“Rep theatre used to allow the process to evolve and allow for mistakes, there’s barely any of this around nowadays”


“When writing I have no time because I am too busy trying to fund the process through other work and then I am too tired to actually create. It’s a trap.”


“Coffee culture is stealing our time”


“We work through illness because we have to manage the income that supports the creative process. But this eats into our wellbeing long-term and we end up with all sorts of anxieties, sickness and burnout”


“When there are too many options I never finish so deadlines work for me. I’m solution focused and not option focused. But time to think of course does lead to more interesting work coming out the other end.”


“Collaboration has accountability and responsibility. It is the way forward in the world we find ourselves in. Isolated creativity is too hard these days"